DDSO Release Notes

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Below is a list of DDSO versions and all the major changes and bug fixes contained within each release. For further information please call the support desk on 0345 230 3450.

DDSO v1.0.29

  • MAJOR UPDATE:- Conversion of DDSO to a more modern programming architecture.
  • Update of the Database to a more modern architecture.
  • Update for All Reports to a more modern architecture.
  • Support for TLS 1.2 encryption.
  • Fix for the Database Backup Restore procedure.

DDSO v1.0.28

  • Update to the DDSO Installer.

DDSO v1.0.27

  • Change to ensure the Direct Debit run calculates the correct Payment Quantity and Value.

DDSO v1.0.26

  • Fix to ensure the correct Payment Processing Date is being generated.
  • Fix to ensure the conversion from a Standard Direct Debit to an AUDDIS payment is performed correctly.
  • Numerous stability changes to the Direct Debit Run process
  • Option added to ensure DDSO can be run as an AUDDIS Only system.
  • Change to reinstate the customisation of the First Collection Date.