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The Email & SMS module introduces additional functionality into the other modules of Optisoft Enterprise.

Major features include allowing you to send Email & SMS messages to your patient records, send automated Appointment Reminders and send Recall Letters via Email.


Introducing Email-SMS

Before you start to send Email or SMS messages, there are a couple a requirements for each patient record.

Using Email-SMS

Creating Adhoc Messages

Adhoc messages allow you to send custom messages to individual patient records easily. You can also use saved templates to speed up the process.

Recall Emails

The Email SMS module introduces Emails into your existing Recall Categories. Choose, per recall band, whether you would prefer the letter to to be printed or emailed, and let Optisoft Enterprise decide the best send method per patient record.

Automated Email-SMS

This facility allows you to send appointment reminders automatically either via SMS, Email or Letter.

Sending Documents via Email

With the Email SMS module you can send your existing document direct via Email to the patient records.

The Email-SMS Queue

The Email SMS Queue allows you to keep track of what message you have sent, and there current status.

Setting Up Email-SMS


Creating an SMS Template

SMS Templates allow you to save commonly used text that can be used to create future SMS messages.