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Below is a list of OptomNotes versions and all the major changes and bug fixes contained within each release. For further information please call the support desk on 0345 230 3450.

Optomnotes v1.0.125

  • Fix to allow multiple Distance and Near Charts to be used within the Examination screens.

Optomnotes v1.0.124

  • Stability improvements to the Archiving facility.
  • Support for additional Field Plot machines.
  • Support for additional Slit Lamps.
  • Fix to prevent and error caused when trying to display an Image full screen.

Optomnotes v1.0.123

  • Improvements to the options when creating a sketch.
  • Improvements to the data returned to Optisoft Enterprise at the end of an Examination.
  • Addition of the ability to Import Fundus Images directly onto a visit.
  • Addition of the ability to reorder Image Thumbnails from New to Oldest and vice versa.
  • Addition of an image to the Today and Previous and Notes options when scanning a document.

Optomnotes v1.0.120

  • Support for additional Slit Lamps

Optomnotes v1.0.119

  • Update to the Archive Facility to improve stability.
  • Fix to stop the Import function from attaching the image into both the Fundus and Slit Lamp sections of the software.
  • Fix to prevent an error when restoring the software to full screen.
  • Change to the VA Fields Name on the Unaided Examination Screen to Vision.
  • Fix to stop the software from taking note of deleted Keywords.

Optomnotes v1.0.118

  • Support for additional Optical Cameras.
  • Fix to address scaling issues when minimising the software.
  • Fix to the Distance and Near Grid to ensure the correct calculations are made.
  • Addition of an Uneven NVA Button should the values for the Right and Left Eye require to be different.
  • Update to allow Multiple Keywords to be selected in one go.
  • Change to List the Recall Categories alphabetically to bring them into align with Optisoft Enterprise.
  • Fix to prevent Duplicate Visits.

Optomnotes v1.0.117

  • Fix to prevent the Examination Screens from crashing in Windows 7.
  • Update to numerous controls within the software to improve stability.
  • Fix to prevent Notes from disappearing.
  • Alteration to the way Previous Notes are copied.
  • Fix to accommodate information from Optical Equipment.
  • Change to reinstate the Right Click Function on the Patient Waiting List screen.
  • Support for additional Scanners within the Windows 7 platform.
  • Fix to prevent the software from crashing when trying to edit a Keyword or Template.
  • Change to remove the Difference Near Grid when it is not required.
  • Change to allow Rx's to be sent through to Optomnotes, should the Patient Record be new to the software.

Optomnotes v1.0.116

  • Fix to a error caused when loading a Patient Record.
  • Support for additional Optical Equipment.

Optomnotes v1.0.115

  • Support for additional Fundus Cameras.
  • Allow for the Space Bar to be used in the Patient Search fields.
  • Fix to stop the Copy, Paste and Copy From Latest Notes Buttons from disappearing.
  • Fix to stop Optomnotes from crashing when dealing with a Balance Rx.

Optomnotes v1.0.114

  • Improvements to the Fields Screening import facility.
  • Addition of a new Sketch Icon into the Date Strip to signify to the user that a Sketch is saved against a Visit.

Optomnotes v1.0.112

  • Improvements to the scanning facility.

Optomnotes v1.0.111

  • Improvements to Data Sharing between Optomnotes and Optisoft Enterprise.
  • Fix to allow the Reports to be visible.
  • Increase to the Patient Comments field to bring it into align with the matching field in Optisoft Enterprise.