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The Patients screen is used to manage all information that directly relates to your patients.


When you open Optisoft Enterprise it will display a blank Patient record, in the Patient Records Module.

At this point you can either enter a new patient record, or you can retrieve the details of existing patients.

Using Patients

Creating a New Patient

Adding a new patient is simply a matter of typing their details into the relevant box, working your way through the tabs from left to right.

Finding Patients

There are a number of ways to find a patient within Optisoft Enterprise.

You can also filter the results of your searches.

Active Patients

Active Patients is a new feature that has been introduced into Optisoft Enterprise Edition.


It is designed to keep a list of the patients that the user is currently working with, enabling you to quickly switch between patients rather than having to search for the patient every time you wish to perform an action.

Using Active Patients

The name of the current Active Patient is displayed in the top right of Optisoft Enterprise. This is the patient you are currently working with and so will be automatically selected when you enter a module.

There is a dropdown arrow alongside the active patient’s name. Clicking on this will show the list of other patients within the active list, if there are any, and also the options to have No Active Patient or Clear Active Patients, which will blank the list completely.

To select another patient from this list and make them the active patient you would simply click once on their name.

Next to the dropdown arrow there is a red cross, this is used to ‘close’ the currently active patient and remove them from the Active Patients list.

OptomNotes Integration

Optisoft Enterprise can be integrated with the OptomNotes application, passing patient details in both directions, saving you from having to enter the same information into both systems manually.


Sending Patients to OptomNotes

To send a patient to OptomNotes you need to make sure that the patient is currently selected as the active patient. You would then click on the Send to OptomNotes button on the toolbar in the Patient module. This opens a window allowing you to select the optometrist to pass the patient to.


If the optometrist is currently logged in to their OptomNotes application their name will appear as an option within this list. If there are no optometrists currently logged in then the only option will be Next Free O.O. Make your selection and click the button to add the patient to the OptomNotes application.

Information from OptomNotes

When the optometrist has completed their examination, OptomNotes will send the patient’s updated prescription and recall information back to Optisoft Enterprise.

The patient’s record in Optisoft Enterprise will be updated automatically with these new details.

Setting Up Patients

Some of the details that you will be using in the Patient Records module require some setting up beforehand.

They will also require maintenance during the system’s life, for example optometrist’s details may change as the practice grows.

Maintaining the Patient Module