5 Reasons to Upgrade

Send recalls via SMS & email as first attempts and revert to letter as a fall-back when required. Based on an average recall run of 200 per month and a 50% switch to SMS or email, you can save around £100pm!  

Fully integrated eGOS which isn’t reliant on the online portal for the creation of a claim or the capture of signatures. All options are available for signature capture; touchscreen, QR code and signature pad.

Hosting your database in the cloud is especially useful if you have multiple practices, you are worried about data security and backing-up, or if you simply want remote access wherever you are.

Too many to list here, but improvements include:
> Full screen layout.
> Built in staff to-do list.
> Family grouping.
> Separate spectacle and contact lens Rxs.
> Colour-coded appointments.
> Automatic notifications & appointment reminders.
> Different notifications for each type of appointment.
> Clinical record templates with unique customisable pathway design.
> Simple, fast, validation free dispensing.
> Built in word processing.

We’ve always strongly believed in providing software that’s right for your practice, which is why Optisoft has always been modular. With Optisoft.NET we’ve adopted the same methodology. You only subscribe to the modules you actually need and you don’t pay for functionality you can live without. If you’re happy with a simple, inexpensive patient recall system, that’s fine by us.

We’re constantly making improvements to Optisoft.NET.
Future development work includes:
> Electronic Eyecare Referral System (EeRS) Integration.
> On-line appointment booking.
> Payment terminal integration with the Cash module.  

If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch:
Sales: 0345 230 1230 | Support: 0345 230 3450 | Email: info@optisoft.co.uk