Cloud Hosting with Optisoft.NET

– Do you worry about backing up your data?

– Do you sometimes forget to backup?

– Would you like to have your backup automated?

– Would you like the ability to access your Optisoft system from home?

If you have answered yes to any of the above you should consider Cloud Hosting, available with our latest version – Optisoft.NET

Optisoft.NET with Cloud Hosting intrinsically provides remote access along with many other benefits:

– Automated daily backups

– Data protection from theft, fire & flood

– Email & SMS sending 24/7 (eg Monday clinic reminders sent on Sunday)

– Database updates & fixes applied by us without the need for dial-in

– Data is stored in England, UK (abiding by the NHS guidelines)

– Monitored platform, with 100% uptime and connectivity

Our data centre is secured 24/7 by automated management systems combined with an onsite central monitoring team, security guards and CCTV – covering every square millimetre of the secure, temperature controlled environment. They are ISO 27001 certified which means that your sensitive patient data is in safe and secure hands

The data centre also incorporates state of the art power and environmental management infrastructure with Diesel Rotary Uninterruptible Power Supplies (DRUPS) to ensure that incoming mains power is conditioned and available 100% of the time with 100% guaranteed power

If you would like to find out more, call 0345 230 1230 or click here to book a demo