Marketing your practice – A guide for independent opticians

As an optician and small business owner juggling a range of tasks across the practice, there are a few ‘to dos’ that always fall down the pile. With a range of traditional and digital marketing avenues, plus marketing trends like personalisation & multi-channel, marketing might be one of the areas you have been avoiding!

Here are our 5 simple and affordable marketing ideas and techniques that are quick to implement in practice and won’t break the bank.

  1. Google your business

What does your Google listing look like?

A great place to start is to google your own business, as a patient or potential patient will do, and ensure your listing looks strong.

Claim the space by creating a free business profile in Google my business. Ensure you add your exact location, opening times and contact details. Any additions such as relevant photos look great and if you can ask your customers to leave some Google reviews, these will further enhance your listing and will most likely provide constructive feedback. Which leads nicely onto tip number two.

  1. See the practice though the eyes of the patient

It’s easy to be so close to business and so busy, to never take the time to stand back to look at your business from a patient’s perspective.

Stepping back to view the practice experience though the eyes of the patient can identify areas for development;

  • Could displays be improved?
  • Are any additional services offered to the patient?
  • Are there any areas you can add value?
  • Are your offers and promotions advertised?

Think about any good experiences you have had as a customer, these ideas could be applied to the practice experience.

  1. Customer Choice

Repeat business is key to your practice success, as is adding new customers to your database. An excellent marketing source, especially for local business is nothing technologically advanced, it is simply word of mouth. Satisfied patients are likely to return and also to recommend you to their friends.

Independent opticians are known for providing a great personal customer experience and the personal approach can be extended right though to recalling patients. Giving patients the choice as to how they can be contacted for recall, ensures the patient is reached via their preferred method whether by text message, email, letter or phone call. This means they are far more likely to respond and it may well reduce recall costs.

  1. Social Media

If you’re active on social media on your personal profiles, the platforms make it really easy to switch between accounts, or use business specific apps to manage your business social media profiles. Why not set up an account or two and share information and messages with patients directly. Ideas for content include;

  • Local news
  • Health news
  • News from your practice
  • Practice services
  • Practice offers

If social media is not your thing, ask your practice staff if it is something they want to lead and always remember, social media requires you to be social! So like, share and comment to get involved!

  1. Local Activity

Make an effort to get involved in local activity and put your optical practice name out into the community. If you support local events and take part where possible, your target audience will hear about you and support you back.

These are just a few ideas to boost your marketing efforts and in turn, increase footfall to your practice. Best of luck!

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