Save Time & Money on Patient Recall

Optisoft.NET has powerful, flexible recall capabilities, designed to save you time & money as well as improve your patient response rate.

Recall costs are a significant outlay for opticians and a review of how much you are spending could result in large savings of both time and money.

Our latest software, Optisoft.NET, has been developed to give independent opticians the flexibility to use all methods of communication for their recall and take into account patient preference too. There are a number of ways to recall patients, historically, software has determined the method used, now Optisoft.NET gives you and your patients the choice.

Reduce Costs

Switch to text messaging to recall your patients and make significant savings in comparison with postal recalls.

Recall by post: 2nd class stamp £0.75 + practice staff time + printing costs, ink, stationary = £1 per recall.

Recall by SMS: From £0.05 per recall.

Recall all or even some of your patients by text and save up to £0.95 per recall, depending upon your current costs and methods! For the majority of our customers, it’s a significant saving and can more than cover your Optisoft.NET subscription. The average practice recalls circa 400 patients each month. If all recalls are sent via Royal Mail 2nd class post, the cost of the postage alone is £300, not taking into account printing costs and time. Recall all patients via text message at a cost of £20, saving £280 per month!

Letter recall: £300 vs SMS recall: £20 Saving: £280 on postage alone.

Give Patient Choice

Customisable recall allows you to give your patients the choice of how they individually would like to receive their optical recall. By giving them a choice, you can reach them via their preferred method and in turn, turn them into repeat patient’s time and again.

Become Paper-Free

Subscribing to Optisoft.NET and improving your recall methods can support your move to becoming a paper-free practice and taking a greener approach.

Here are all your recall options with costs and potential savings.

SMS Text Messages

Text messages are low cost, direct and can help you achieve a better response rate from patients. They don’t get lost in a spam email folder or lurk amongst bills and letters on the doormat at the end of a busy day.
We offer great value text message bundles, with texts from £0.05 to £0.08. Text messages can also be used for reminders and marketing purposes.

400 recalls per month via text message: £20.

Remote printing via Optipost

Some patients may still request their recall by post. Save time and money sending recall letters using our remote printing service. There are also savings to be made in terms of practice staff time, printing costs and stationery etc. A 2nd class letter sent via Optipost costs £0.77 (A4, single side, black print) – saving up to £0.23 per recall when compared to printing and sending yourself.

400 recalls per month via OptiPost second class black print: £308.

Email via Optisoft

If a patient requests their recall via email, this is the cheapest option as email is free to send but it may not always be effective due to email spam filters and the quantity of emails received by the user.

400 recalls per month via email: £0.

Optimail – Email Marketing Platform

Optimail is our online email marketing application, it enables practices to create, send, manage and track branded emails. We’ll set up your account and branded templates, then you can go ahead and market to your customers. Each email campaign has a £6 fee plus an additional £0.06 per recipient.

A note on GDPR – Contacting Patients

Contacting patients for recall is classed as ‘legitimate interest’ within GDPR regulations, find out more here.

Please note, all prices quoted are for UK customers only. Prices for Eire customers are different as classed as international. Please call us to find out more on 0345 230 3450. Click here to view the module options.

*Prices correct as of May 2024