Our payment terminal integration is now live:

Reduce costs and benefit from more accurate transaction processes

Our recent integration with EVO Payments allows card payments to automatically link to our cash module in Optisoft.NET. This feature saves you and your staff needing to key in the sale twice and consolidates all payments together at the end of the day.

The benefits from integrating your card terminal

Accepting card payments is now a business necessity given UK consumers’ appetite for card spending, with 7 out of 10 preferring card payments over cash and viewing businesses accepting card payments as modern and customer-centric.

UK businesses too have already acknowledged the added value from the general transition to an increase in card over cash sales by reducing day to day administrative tasks and being more cost effective:

The ability to now integrate your card terminal with Optisoft.NET is furthering the benefits for opticians by:

  • – Preventing pricing errors with staff no longer keying different transactions on the card terminal and Cash Module.
  • – Saving you time with no more end of day settlement checks
  • – Improving bookkeeping processes
  • – Eliminating the need to match card transactions to patient payments
  • – Allowing you and your staff more time to concentrate on customers by reducing administrative duties
  • – Creating faster transaction experiences with less key presses
  • – Offering a more professional transaction experiences in line with Patients’ growing payment expectations

WHY Choose EVO?

EVO offers competitive and transparent pricing with no hidden fees. Our integration with them allows payments to be automatically transferred from the Optisoft.NET Cash Module to the payment terminal to ensure transactions will be more accurately processed reducing errors with the end of day settlement and consolidation. It’s proving a huge success with opticians and staff. The integration allows staff focus more on their customers by reducing administrative duties associated with handling cash.

“We wanted to cut down on key strokes that our staff make and to eliminate duplicate entries. With the MTD link, recording every stroke and every correction, the fewer there are the better.

Making corrections can take time but we have found there are fewer payment errors and the figures match in Optisoft since our adoption of integrated card payments.

We also no longer need to pay for enhanced insurance for cash on our premises as we handle far less now. We operate with a small team and trips to the bank would usually mean losing two people during opening hours to deposit cash so we are saving there too.

Trevor Burridge, Accounts Assistant. Edward Watts Opticians, Brentwood
Edward Watts Opticians, Brentwood

Staff are better supported to accurately record purchasing information and deposits, thus ensuring better record-taking, standardised pricing and consistency. This allows them be more aware of shifting costs with up to date prices adjusted on the cash module.

In most cases, EVO can beat your current supplier:

  • – Simple, transparent pricing
  • – No joining fees
  • – No online billing charges
  • – No minimum monthly service charges
  • – No authorisation fees
  • – No PCI compliance fees
  • – Online business intelligence
  • – All major cards supported

For more information call us on 0333 002 0495, email sales@optisoft.co.uk or click this link